Center for Open Science

The __Center for Open Science__ is a non-profit technology organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia with a mission to:

increase the openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research.

Brian Nosek and Jeffrey Spies founded the organization in January 2013, funded mainly by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and others, after implementation and use of the Open Science Framework (OSF) - wikipedia

On June 20, 2013 The White House recognized Champions of Change in Open Science. Photo by Brian Glanz, founder of the Open Science Federation and co-founder of Open Knowledge United States. -

The organization began with work in reproducibility of psychology research, with the large-scale "Reproducibility Project: Psychology" -

A second reproducibility project for cancer biology research has also been started through a partnership with Science Exchange (company). In March 2017, the Center published a detailed strategic plan. Brian Nosek posted a letter outlining the history of the Center and future directions.

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