Maven Science is the application of the scientific methodology to the institutions of science. It takes an understanding of complexity science, anthropology, knowledge modelling, artificial intelligence, management science, cybernetics, and applies it pragmatically to the institutional knowledge flows of science itself.

As a starting point we consider it natural to take a rational and pragmatic look at the method of publishing, the incentive structures, and the way that knowledge is modelled, and communicated.

VIMEO 220506456 Peer Review and the Maven Index

We believe in the following principles: - Publish early publish often - Give accreditation - Support interdisciplinary work - Incentivise all aspects of knowledge work - Rationally model the institutional framework - Plus-minus-zero investment

To achieve these objectives we intend to create a new form of scientific publication, tied to a new form of scientific conference and apply the best technology available to create a new publishing expereince for science.

1. Robust blockchain identity for scientists (and citizen scientists) 1. Peer review panel selection using network reputation metrics (liquid democracy). 1. Incentivisation of peer-review using Maven Index 1. Socaratic interdisciplinary decentralised conferences 1. Podcasting, media, video, and data publishing 1. Linked data for ideas, people and events