Open Science Group

The Open Science Group is a not-for-profit and open membership organisation working towards creating new ways for scientists to reshape the way they are funded and incentivised to create open science.

The Open Science Group is a consortium of open source science software developers that have pooled forces to create a unique containerised science journal of the blockchain.

The open access publishing solution, utilises software to create a sustainable revenue model for the academic partners interested in publishing new journals, and for the SME's contributing to the maintenance and development of the software tools needed by scientist.

Researchers can be reluctant to share their data publicly because of real and/or perceived individual costs. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001779.g001 -

Finally we apply a systemic approach to the financing of academic journal publication, and the development of scientific reputation, to target specific known problems in the scientific publishing process. Specifically we address the issue of the replication crisis by providing simple tools that allow scientists to fork and replicate computational studies, together with grant, rand reputation incentives provided on-chain.

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The combination of these tools creates an environment in which we can conduct longitudinal experiments in the evidence based governance of scientific publishing (and knowledge creation).

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